BLUSH Pole Fitness & Dance

"2021 BLACK FRIDAY" Class descriptions 


30 Minute Classes:

POLE FIT on SPIN- This is our 30 min strength class where we work specifically on the muscles we most use in Pole. In this session we will use the spinning pole to get fit. Spinning Pole builds strength and stamina. Join us for this fun class! Please wear pole shorts for this class.   (Prerequisite INTRO TO POLE)

CHAIR FIT- This 30 min class we use the chair to build strength and we end each class with a fun, little sexy chair dance.

BURLESQUE (WORKOUT) - This 30 min class will give you a feel for how much fun you can have slinking and sliding your sexy body with attitude to get fit.  A sexy workout as we slowly isolate those sensual moves.  Please wear something sexy that makes you feel seductive for this class but doesn't restrict your movement.  (i.e booty shorts, stockings, heels, sexy tank top)  Please no corsets for this class. 

BOUNCE REBOUND FITNESS - This 30 min class is an aerobic workout! We wear rebound boots to bounce our way to a healthier, more fit life. This class is a half hour of fun and sweat! We turn up the music and bounce to it. We provide the rebound boots, all you have to do is show up ready to get a good workout!  Must bring a pair of high top socks (up to the knee).  

POLE/CHAIR DANCE- This is a 30 minute choreography class that combines the pole and chair to create a sexy dance. The combination is fun!!  

INTRO TO SPIN POLE –  If you ever wanted to try the spin pole, this is the class for you.  This 30 min class will get you started by taking your basic moves learned on static, add it to a spin pole and see how much fun you can have spinning around the pole!!  Please wear pole shorts for this class.  (Prerequisite INTRO TO POLE)  


1 Hour Classes

GOOD GIRLS GONE BAD (GGGB) - LAP DANCE-CAUTION!! THIS IS NOT A CLASS FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! THIS AN  NAUGHTY LAP DANCE CLASS!!!   If you are looking for a sweet, sexy lap dance class this is NOT it.  In GGGB we teach you a strip club style lap dance and striptease. We get down and dirty, as we learn how to move like an exotic dancer.  Learn the seductive tricks of the trade, how to show off your best ASSets and how to make him squirm. This class is full of frank talk and our naughtiest moves. Please be warned that if you join us for this sexy class you may be asked to leave your comfort zone! We approach this class with humor but NO JOKE, the dance you learn will have his jaw hitting the floor.  THIS IS OUR NAUGHTIEST CLASS, it may just have you BLUSHING.  After teaching you a few dirty little secrets and lending a little encouragement we think you will leave this class feeling confident, powerful, feminine, desirable, and most of all SEXY!!!       

 TOO HOTT FOR TRICKS - EXOTIC FLOW- Learn Exotic Style Pole in this choreographed class. Let's make our Pole Dance Hott!!! Get out your heels and knee pads and join us to make your dance flow in the sexy exotic style of dance!!

BEGINNER POLE SILKS- In this class Fabric is hung from our spinning poles. We perform dance and aerial tricks wrapped in this beautiful material. This dance is flowy and elegant. Pole silks build an entirely different set of strengths.  Join us for this fun, challenging class. Please wear pole shorts for this class.  (Pre-requisite Level 2)

BURLESQUE (EXOTIC DANCE) - Gone are the inhibitions as a sexy attitude sets the mood for this burlesque class!  It's time to let your hair down and unleash your inner vixen.  No more holding back, discover the Diva within you!  This class will comprise of an intimate and fun class environment, where your instructor will teach you the etiquette of posing and accentuating your best assets, and then perform a sexy, sultry burlesque routine. Time to pull out your favorite corset, sexy skirt, stockings and heels as you VAMP up your moves to this sexy burlesque routine!  Dressing the part is so much fun!!

UNDER SEXY CONSTRUCTION Choreography Class Would you like to create a special dance for that someone special in your life? This is an INDIVIDUALIZED choreography class.  Feel sexy and beautiful with no limits!  With the help of the instructor, each student will personally create their own beautiful exotic and unique dance routine to a specific song they pick out. Whether it be the pole, chair or floor, explore your sensual side by unleashing the sexy goddess in you.  By the time your done you will have developed your own beautiful exotic and unique dance routine and become a sexier version of yourself.  Please wear pole shorts for this class and bring heels, knee pads or leg warmers, earbuds and your favorite song!   (Prerequisite INTRO TO POLE)


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